The Web3 Advertising Protocol
AdMeta is a Web3 advertising protocol,
completely designed and customized for Web3
and Metaverse.
Desktop view available
Open in a desktop browser to unlock full functions
Seamless transition to Web3 advertising
AdMeta offers a range of products designed to enable users to take control of their personal data, eliminate annoying tracking and privacy issues, and even monetize their data.
Block trackers used by websites to collect data on user behavior
Detect and protect against phishing and malicious websites that can compromise user browsing security
DApp protection
Phishing and security checks for DApp front-end sites
Cookie pop-ups removal
Automatically rejects non-essential cookies and eliminates annoying cookie pop-ups
Surf to Earn
Customized ads
Users who opt-in to our ad service will receive personalized ads and can earn rewards in return
NFT and SBT loyalty program
AdMeta provides NFTs and SBTs to our loyal users, granting them exclusive privileges such as airdrops and other rewards.
Data staking
Users are incentivized for data staking
Your Privacy,
Your Choice
Privacy protection
All collected data will be stored in our privacy layer, with user-only access permission
Data collection with user consent
With users consent, AdMeta anonymously collects Web3 related browsing history for personal advertising analysis
Data management
Users can at any time turn off our ad service and erase their anonymous data partially or fully
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